Mayfield, Sussex, England


Latitude: 53, Longitude: -1.76667


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Baitup, George Ernest  May 1872Mayfield, Sussex, England I17360
2 Baker, Henry  1836Mayfield, Sussex, England I10226
3 Baker, Henry Baker Wickens  1866Mayfield, Sussex, England I10227
4 Baker, Lydia Thomas  1871Mayfield, Sussex, England I10230
5 Baker, Mary  1873Mayfield, Sussex, England I10231
6 Baker, Michael Owen  1866Mayfield, Sussex, England I10228
7 Baker, Ruth  1878Mayfield, Sussex, England I10232
8 Blackford, Eliza  25 Oct 1845Mayfield, Sussex, England I29366
9 Bridger, Benjamin  1807Mayfield, Sussex, England I26246
10 Bridger, Edward  1738Mayfield, Sussex, England I19590
11 Bridger, John  1731Mayfield, Sussex, England I13247
12 Bridger, John  1756Mayfield, Sussex, England I13249
13 Bridger, John  1794Mayfield, Sussex, England I26241
14 Bridger, Maria  1796Mayfield, Sussex, England I26242
15 Bridger, Sophia  Abt 1802Mayfield, Sussex, England I26244
16 Bridger, Thomas  1762Mayfield, Sussex, England I13314
17 Bridger, Thomas  1805Mayfield, Sussex, England I26245
18 Bryant, John  1761Mayfield, Sussex, England I5595
19 Coleman, Sarah  Feb 1782Mayfield, Sussex, England I26240
20 Colledge, Florence M.  Abt 1863Mayfield, Sussex, England I646
21 Field, Joseph  1791Mayfield, Sussex, England I29364
22 Field, Owen Henry  1860Mayfield, Sussex, England I27673
23 Field, Richard  1788Mayfield, Sussex, England I29352
24 Field, William  Abt 1786Mayfield, Sussex, England I27669
25 Field, William  1804Mayfield, Sussex, England I15729
26 Hazelden, Sarah Ann  1864Mayfield, Sussex, England I10039
27 Humphrey, Sarah  1784Mayfield, Sussex, England I27670
28 Jenneway, Hannah  1735Mayfield, Sussex, England I13248
29 Mankelow, William  Abt 1863Mayfield, Sussex, England I11984
30 Marchant, Margaret  Abt 1613Mayfield, Sussex, England I5126
31 Moone, Joseph  Abt 1609Mayfield, Sussex, England I10912
32 Stiles, James  31 Jul 1825Mayfield, Sussex, England I17349


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bridger, Benjamin  1884Mayfield, Sussex, England I26246
2 Bridger, Edward  1835Mayfield, Sussex, England I13316
3 Bridger, John  3 May 1826Mayfield, Sussex, England I13249
4 Bridger, John Robert  1778Mayfield, Sussex, England I13271
5 Bridger, Thomas  1785Mayfield, Sussex, England I13314
6 Field, Richard  Apr 1814Mayfield, Sussex, England I15731
7 Humphrey, Sarah  Dec 1851Mayfield, Sussex, England I27670
8 Jenneway, Hannah  1797Mayfield, Sussex, England I13248


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Field, Richard  27 Jan 1788Mayfield, Sussex, England I29352


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bryant / Bellingham  1784Mayfield, Sussex, England F3692
2 Field / Moon  11 Apr 1813Mayfield, Sussex, England F10590
3 Moone / Marchant  7 Oct 1634Mayfield, Sussex, England F3185
4 Stace / Bridger  16 Mar 1783Mayfield, Sussex, England F4427
5 Wickens / Stapley  4 Nov 1751Mayfield, Sussex, England F6799