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John Budgen

Field family cousin.

Died on the 12th inst., in his 81st year. The deceased officer was born in Frant, Sussex, and entered into the navy in 1803. He attended the expedition to Copenhagen, took part in the reduction of Madeira, assisted at the capture of the Sewalod, 74, was engaged in the attack upon Walcheren, and in 1817 commanded a boat at the cutting out of a vessel in Hieres Bay, under the smart fire of a body of troops posted behind some sandbanks on the beach. He was secretary to the late Queen Caroline, and became a retired Commander in 1862.

On the 26th of August HMS Centaur, in conjunction with the HMS Implacable, captured the Russian 74-gun ship Sewolod in sight of the whole Russian fleet near Rogerswick. During a spirited attempt by the Russians to retake and row the Sewolod back into port, Sir S. Hood laid her on board and lashed her bowspit to the mizzen rigging of the Centaur under a heavy fire of musketry. The bow of the enemy grazed the muzzles of Centaur's guns, which at the same moment were discharged, and the raking broadside tore her to pieces. The Russians made several attempts to board, but were repelled by the fire of the marines and the stern chase guns of the Centaur, and after a hot action of half an hour the Sewolod again struck her colours. In this furious conflict the Centaur lost 3 killed and 27 wounded, and the enemy 180 killed and wounded.

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