Pennsylvania, United States



Latitude: 41.1296865, Longitude: -77.609379


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
51 Clinger, Margaret  Cal 1866Pennsylvania, United States I12900
52 Clinger, Newel C.  Abt 1912Pennsylvania, United States I12925
53 Cloud, Alice A.  Abt 1852Pennsylvania, United States I13335
54 Clover, Carrie Jane  20 Dec 1866Pennsylvania, United States I23078
55 Clover, John  19 Aug 1789Pennsylvania, United States I23075
56 Coon, Alice Eva  Abt 1892Pennsylvania, United States I14961
57 Coon, Edward Matthew  Abt 1895Pennsylvania, United States I14962
58 Coon, George Henry  Abt 1889Pennsylvania, United States I14964
59 Coon, Helen Louise  Abt 1896Pennsylvania, United States I14965
60 Couch, Edward Frank  30 Jun 1869Pennsylvania, United States I13131
61 Couch, Elizabeth  Abt 1864Pennsylvania, United States I13166
62 Couch, Elmo Earl  7 Sep 1878Pennsylvania, United States I15894
63 Couch, Mary  1863Pennsylvania, United States I13165
64 Couch, William S.  Abt 1853Pennsylvania, United States I13129
65 Crawford, Elva Edith  20 Aug 1913Pennsylvania, United States I26541
66 Crawford, Ida Florence  Abt 1857Pennsylvania, United States I10286
67 Criswell, Richard Kenneth  17 Mar 1907Pennsylvania, United States I25977
68 Cross, Mary Margaret  21 Mar 1928Pennsylvania, United States I17090
69 Crotsley, Irma Laverne  12 Aug 1930Pennsylvania, United States I23538
70 Cuneo, Catherine Elizabeth  11 Sep 1868Pennsylvania, United States I24684
71 Dailey, Annie M  1839Pennsylvania, United States I26451
72 Davidson, Isabel  1920Pennsylvania, United States I19092
73 Davis, Charles W.  Abt 1910Pennsylvania, United States I13333
74 Davis, John B.  Abt 1854Pennsylvania, United States I13334
75 Davis, Mary L.  Abt 1908Pennsylvania, United States I13332
76 Diefenderfer, Carl William  31 Jul 1912Pennsylvania, United States I13966
77 Diefenderfer, Carl William  14 Apr 1939Pennsylvania, United States I15264
78 Dinsmore, Adam A.  19 Feb 1826Pennsylvania, United States I13955
79 Dinsmore, Flora Rene  16 Jun 1882Pennsylvania, United States I26963
80 Dinsmore, Mary  28 Mar 1874Pennsylvania, United States I20841
81 Duffee, Eugene Archie  Abt 1893Pennsylvania, United States I14957
82 Empfield, Mary Ann  1836Pennsylvania, United States I24506
83 Euin, Mary Elizabeth  22 Jul 1893Pennsylvania, United States I23670
84 Evans, Lewis D  19 Jan 1877Pennsylvania, United States I26403
85 Farrell, Hannah  24 May 1883Pennsylvania, United States I23000
86 Fasick, Adam Leonard  1 Sep 1915Pennsylvania, United States I17079
87 Fasick, Anna Harriette  2 Oct 1917Pennsylvania, United States I22627
88 Fasick, Donn Frederick  2 Aug 1930Pennsylvania, United States I22633
89 Fasick, Dorothy Mary  3 Jul 1902Pennsylvania, United States I16449
90 Fasick, Eugene Allen  2 Apr 1932Pennsylvania, United States I22612
91 Fasick, Harry Gallser  6 Nov 1872Pennsylvania, United States I16444
92 Fasick, Raymond Elmo  6 Aug 1929Pennsylvania, United States I22608
93 Fay, Harry T  31 Jul 1897Pennsylvania, United States I23331
94 Fay, Thomas W  Abt 1905Pennsylvania, United States I23333
95 Fischer, Catherine  22 Apr 1793Pennsylvania, United States I23196
96 Fischer, Catherine  Abt 1842Pennsylvania, United States I26011
97 Fischer, Christina  1839Pennsylvania, United States I25993
98 Fischer, David  28 Aug 1828Pennsylvania, United States I25958
99 Fischer, Isaac K.  1836Pennsylvania, United States I25983
100 Fischer, Mary Ann  1845Pennsylvania, United States I26026

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